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Virtual Servers & Cloud-computing is the technology of the future.
For businesses, cloud computing it's a business saver. With cloud services, small, medium or enterprise businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or any other software.

Cloud-computing services require no software to purchase and install except if you want to use your own custom software.
Cloud-computing fees are subscription-based. This means you can expand or degrade a cloud package at any time.

We also offer both Managed & Unmanaged Hybrid Servers

For Hybrid Servers we use only top Hardware Vendors like HP, IBM, SUN, Dell etc..featuring Quad Core Xeon CPU's or AMD Opteron with RAID 1 or 10.

Our Hybrid Servers have a guaranteed amount of RAM, Bandwidth and Dedicated Hard Drive Space and is fully isolated from other users on the machine.

A Hybrid server is a high-end Virtual Machine hosted on a Server with other hybrid servers but with higher CPU share as we only host 2 Hybrid Servers per per machine on a 1 Gigabit Network Port.
As this is a new service we offer our Managed Hybrid Servers with no extra charge, so if you don't have the time to manage your server or get into technical trouble we will assist you free of charge. (with the exception of Customer's own software)

Hybrid Servers offer Super-fast I/O as the actual disk is stored on our ISCSI Storage thus offering an increased performance.


*VAT 18% is excluded from our prices
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